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travels | Savannah + Tybee Island, GA

Jan 30, 2013

So, this past weekend my husband and I took a little romantic trip down to Savannah, Georgia – and while we were there, we also visited a little coastal town called Tybee Island (which you may have seen in the movie The Last Song with Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth). I was so excited to go visit Savannah – it’s the furthest east and the furthest south I’ve ever really been, and one of my goals in life is to visit every state in the union. I even got to meet up with my friend Michelle and her family to do their family pictures at a little place called Wormsloe Plantation – those pictures will come tomorrow! I took hundreds of shots, but these are my favorites from our trip! Enjoy the images from our trip!

You know when you’re flying, and you see the little ice crystals on your window pane? Decided to test out the new Nikon 105mm Micro f/2.8 lens and this was what I got! Pretty neat, huh?

Found this guy on the beach … never seen a jelly fish up close before!

Tybee Island Pier

Seagull in front of the Tybee Island Pier … such an idyllic photo shoot location!

Tybee Island Seagull

Tybee Island Pier

Sunrise on Tybee Island

Sunrise on Tybee Island

Thought this was pretty cool – the wind catches the shells and makes this design in the sand.

I was trying to get another shot of the cool wind and seashells and my husband walked into the frame .. but I love it. It’s so him! 🙂

If you ever make the trip out to Tybee Island, you have to (HAVE TO) go grab breakfast at this little hole-in-the-wall breakfast joint. Amazing food, amazing atmosphere!

Even the city streets are beautiful in the mid-day.

This is Paula Deen’s hometown restaurant, Lady & Sons. We didn’t get the opportunity to eat there, but the building was so gorgeous!

I loved the alleyways in Savannah. I could have photographed the alleyways all day long!

We grabbed some amazing beer at this brewery downtown. I heard a ghost story about it, too!

I have no idea what building this was, but I loved it.

So, while on the trolley tour we heard about this graveyard … I can’t remember which war it was – I think it was the Civil War (I was too busy looking at the photo ops to listen to the entire story, lol) … ANYWAY! … During one of the wars, the opposing side trampled all over the gravestones and so they weren’t sure where the gravestones went. So they decided to hang the gravestones on the side of the wall because they didn’t know where they went on the ground to actually mark the graves of those they belong to. Which, yes, means we probably walked on top of dead people – BY ACCIDENT – to get this shot. Uber creepy. Couldn’t pay me to go to this place at night!

Legend has it that actual pirates ate and stayed here and that the novel Treasure Island was actually written based on this place, and that the author died in the upstairs room. Creepy. Again.

Old Pirates’ House window.

I may have died a little when I saw this … and had no couples to shoot! If I ever go back to Savannah, I am specifically going to find a couple to dress all retro style and shoot in front of this old theater. SO AWESOME. Why can’t Colorado have a place like this!!??

If you are in Savannah, you have to go get a scoop of ice cream from Leopold’s It is SO YUMMY!!

The South has so much history – it’s picturesque and just … a photographers dream for backdrops! I got to do a shoot here at the Wormsloe Plantation, and it was so gorgeous with the row of 200+ Live Oaks!

Beautiful Forsyth Park fountain

This was our view from our 5th floor balcony room at the Marriott Riverfront. I absolutely recommend this place if you want a great place to stay in downtown Savannah!



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  1. Nicki Gill

    January 30th, 2013 at 3:29 pm

    Home sweet home 🙂

  2. Kristin Nyce

    January 31st, 2013 at 6:05 pm

    Man, gorgeous shots Ashley! If you come again I’d love to have lunch or something- I didn’t want to ask this trip I knew it was a quick trip with just you and your husband ;).

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  4. Heather Mitts

    February 2nd, 2013 at 4:49 am

    Beautiful pictures! Makes me want to go back to Savannah again!

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