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Colorado Springs In Home Newborn Session

Apr 20, 2017

I remember Jesse and Tessa’s 2013 wedding at the Pinecrest in Palmer Lake like it was yesterday – this beautiful bride and an adorable groom, making me cry in the little chapel there on site. Their wedding was the very last wedding I ever shot before Randy officially joined me in business, and I remember thinking that Jesse and Randy would totally hit it off. They’re just such good people, and I’ve treasured their friendship the last 4+ years so very much.

I also remember thinking they’d make the most beautiful children one day, and guess what? I was totally right!

A couple of years ago while we were living in California, they welcomed baby girl Brynlee into the world and I got to celebrate with them via Facebook. I was so thrilled for them, and knew they’d make amazing parents to that lucky little girl. Around the time we really started thinking about moving back to Colorado, Tessa announced that she and Jesse were expecting another baby – a little boy this time!! I immediately knew I had to see them, meet Brynlee, and capture some photos for them at their new house.

A few days ago, Randy + I got to go hang out with Jesse, Tessa, Brynlee and 10 day old Mack. When they announced his name after he was born, Mackinaw Forrest, something about it felt super familiar even though I couldn’t put my finger on it. Once we came to the house, I asked how they came up with such a unique name and Tessa explained that Mackinaw is the name of the lake in Michigan that they always go to every summer, and where they actually met for the first time. How absolutely rad is that? And Forrest, because, it goes perfect with Mackinaw!

It was amazing getting to see Jesse and Tessa as parents, and finally getting the chance to meet Bryn after all our time away from Colorado! And now, I get to watch Bryn and Mack grow up and I’m just SO GLAD to be home in Colorado!! Congratulations, Jesse and Tessa – we love you both! Can’t wait to go fishing this summer together!!

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