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Let the renovation begin …

november 11, 2018

So we bought this house in October, knowing it was a “fixer-upper.” I know I swore up and down that I would never do another home renovation project again after the fiasco at our last house … but then we moved to California, and the same kind/size of house that we had in Colorado would cost us our first born (and possible our kidneys, too) here. So we settled for this quaint little house up in the small desert town of Yucca Valley as a temporary house for the next 2 years or so, until we can save up and buy our dream house/possible wedding venue/farm (and have a place big enough to adopt). The dream house will be somewhere close to the Palm Springs area, just not quite sure WHERE yet. Somewhere with better schools, that’s for sure (but that’s a whole other blog for a different day, oy!).

Anyway! Since moving in, Randy and I have been talking about what we want to do to make this house less “1970s-puke-what-the-heck-were-the-last-owners-thinking” and more “us” … and yesterday, we took our first steps toward the home renovation: new, matching rubbed oil bronze light fixtures in our kitchen. Before, we had an old white fan that I’m pretty sure would end up causing a fire above the kitchen table (why the previous owners thought that was a good idea, I’m not sure?) and this super modern chrome light above the kitchen sink with these silly expensive lights that have a funny way of running up the electric bill.

And now? We have a new chandelier and a overhead kitchen sink light that I love!

new fixtures_0003

Next up on our home renovation list :: The BOYS’ room. Going to remove the popcorn ceiling (WHY do people do this?!), paint the walls, lay new wood laminate flooring down and put new fixtures in. I’ve started a Pinterest board for Ideas for our Boys’ Room, if you want to see where I’m drawing inspiration from! It’s going to be a mixture of cars and super heroes and blues and neutrals. 🙂 Should be pretty interesting, hopefully I’ll be sharing another home reno blog soon!

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